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Tomato farmers reap high over increased prices in the market

Farmers have every reason to smile even as try whether conditions reduce the supply of tomatoes, thus increasing prices.

FAO Kenya call for immediate action to curb increasing spread of Desert Locusts

However, in the countries of Uganda and Tanzania, the situation is less worrying.

New KCC directed to increase milk prices to Shs.33 per litre –plus to dairy farmers

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya ordered the milk processor to increase milk prices from the current the Shs.25 to Shs.33 per liter.

How to biologically deal with locusts in Wajir County

Reports show birds are the most essential biological means of fighting locusts.

How to deal with “Njanuary” woes in 2020

To deal with such cases of drought, farmers need to cultivate drought resistant crops, which can aid in reducing cases of hunger and malnutrition among Kenyans in arid and semi-arid areas.

BT Cotton farming to continue in Kenya following high yield

The crop pilot farming was conducted in the country for a period of five years, proving successful following increased production.

Dairy farmers boycott to supply milk as Brookside reduces price

Brookside has been exploiting farmers by reducing prices of milk, yet its retail price in major stalls proves expensive than other companies.

Aliciana Barley variety proves fertile for farmers in Mau Narok

Barley being the main raw material for KBL’s beers, the company continues to invest heavily in research, offering production solutions to barley growers through its subsidiary East African Malting (EAML).