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Common potato diseases and their symptoms

There are other problems beyond land preparation and quality of seeds and fertilizers that lead to farmers harvesting loses. Coupled with pests and diseases, this greatly affects the quality and the quantity of the potatoes. Here are some of the common diseases and their signs, which are a threat to the crop.

Agriculture  mechanization
Kenyan soil has untapped potential

Despite this significant potential, agricultural productivity has remained largely stagnant. Besides, close to 40 per cent of agricultural produce is lost due to high post-harvest losses caused by poor storage and handling of farm produce.

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Mechanised agriculture is the bait for youth to farming

The government, through the Public service commission has announced they will no longer employ fresh graduates and entry level staff on permanent and pensionable terms but rather on 3- year renewable contracts.

Farm produce
Tinga bets to Agricultural Mechanization to realize food security goal

Most of the agricultural produce is lost owing to poor farming methods,