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South Korea coders develop Coronavirus apps

The developers use data from public government information in designing the applications, and there has been an increase in the number of downloads since they launched the products.

How to use WhatsApp on you PC without mobile web connection

One of these is the use of Android Emulators –like “BlueStacks” or “Andy” –which creates an Android like environment on your PC, allowing you to run Android Apps, including WhatsApp.

Data Privacy Day: How to keep your social media account secure

Although social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram among others have been on the radar to keep their customers safe, it is advised that users should practice caution while handling their social account.

Huawei Nova series set to walk your way to standard smartphone series

Over the past few years, Huawei has gained recognition over various smartphone segments.

How to convert a Word Document to a PDF file

One you have typed and edited your document in Microsoft word application, click the Microsoft Office file button and select Save As –a Save As window will pop up requesting the file name and document type.

Online trends: What Kenyans searched for this week

According to these data, football took the lead as top trending topic among the netizens.

India: Paytm threatens Google, PhonePe, Facebook in mobile payment

Paytm is a mobile wallet which enables users to transfer money, pay for goods, services and bills.