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No access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail in the new Huawei Mate 30 Pro Smartphone

Huawei was banned from using android operating system by the US government in May

'Kabambe or Mulika Mwizi' -All to access WhatsApp thanks to Nokia 8110 remake

To get the App, the user should visit the KaiStore, with a RAM of about 256-512 MBs.

Margret Hamilton  NASA software engineer
Meet Margret Hamilton: The woman who set men on moon

Who made it possible for American astronauts to set foot on the moon? It was a software engineer by the name Margret Hamilton.

Huawei Y 9
Harmony: How Huawei's new android OS could spark market changes

Harmony will be used for Huawei's mobile and computer operating systems.

Mozilla to launch a news subscription service
Mozilla to launch news subscription service

Mozilla is preparing for the launch of Firefox Ad-Free Internet,a news subscription service intended to fund news outlets.

Facebook photo glitch
Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down menace: cause of glitch, hilarious user reactions

On June 3, Facebook users across the globe had a problem uploading photos, videos, and other files on the popular social media platform. It is an issue the company acknowledged to be true through their tweeter handle @Facebook. However, they resolved it at fast as they could.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch on August 7
Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 10 early August

Samsung is set to launch the new Galaxy Note 10 on August 7 in New York. Users are eager to have a look at the device that is causing so much hype.

Lilium flying taxi jet
Lilium joins taxi business giant Uber in setting up flying taxi network

A rider will be able to book a ride via a mobile app developed by Lilium, from the nearest landing pad.