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How to make the perfect samosas

You will need a kg of minced meat, crushed ginger, and garlic, six chopped leaky onions, oil, spices of your choice, and salt to taste. If you are a fan of that stinging sensation in your mouth, you dare not miss some chili or black pepper.

How to get rid of belly fat from home

Following a workout routine can be boring, so try to incorporate some workouts as you go about your duties. I like to associate the completion of every chore with a workout. For example, I always do some jumping jacks when dusting the house. After doing the dishes, I do a victory dance, which involves three sets of standing bicycle crunches and two sets

Pain of losing a loved one to cancer
Pain of loosing a loved one to cancer

My nightmares are still there but I no longer consider them so, as I get to see her. I have been told that before a person dies they are usually talkative and jovial but not her, she was in pain. I used to wish that she was still alive but that would have been selfish of me for she was in anguish. Now, I just wish that I had a chance to say goodbye, to tell her how much I love her and hug her one last time.

Kisii women make huge strides with the help of the chama

A typical woman loves to be independent. Everyone loves to be independent.

How to use hand sanitizer properly: dos and don’ts

-The CDC explains that the sanitizer you use should be 60-95% alcohol based for effective killing of germs such viruses. -Do not use a hand sanitizer in place of washing your hands with running water and soap. -Never swallow alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Experts: Face masks can be washed

The ministry of health on Sunday recommended wearing of masks in all public places, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

How I landed a better salary: Classic 105’s Maina Kageni reveals

Speaking during the Maina and King’ang’I morning show, Maina revealed how he landed a huge salary when Classic 105’s boss wanted to poach him from Nation FM.

How a man behaves when he fails to win over a woman he likes?

People handle rejection in different ways. Some accept it with time and move on while others find ways to cope with rejection.