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How to use hand sanitizer properly: dos and don’ts

-The CDC explains that the sanitizer you use should be 60-95% alcohol based for effective killing of germs such viruses. -Do not use a hand sanitizer in place of washing your hands with running water and soap. -Never swallow alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Experts: Face masks can be washed

The ministry of health on Sunday recommended wearing of masks in all public places, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

How I landed a better salary: Classic 105’s Maina Kageni reveals

Speaking during the Maina and King’ang’I morning show, Maina revealed how he landed a huge salary when Classic 105’s boss wanted to poach him from Nation FM.

How a man behaves when he fails to win over a woman he likes?

People handle rejection in different ways. Some accept it with time and move on while others find ways to cope with rejection.

Why (do) people gift during celebrations –birthdays, anniversaries, occasions

As humans, we often feel the need to show our gratitude in such events by buying gifts, tokens, taking friends out to party...

Shoppers divided over new pregnant Barbie dolls for kids

The doll has a detachable stomach which has a small baby inside.

Keeping yourself busy as a stay-at-home mother

It is possible to get some free time to relax and focus on yourself. As a stay at home mum, there are many things you can do to pass the time.