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Dealing with hopelessness
Dealing with hopelessness: What to do when things go sideways

It can be difficult coping with the fact that things have not worked out, as you wanted. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and as if the world is against you.

Dealing with stress
What to do while stressed: Mechanisms that can lead to self healing cum relaxation

Stress is a feeling you get when you experience something overwhelming or you find it difficult to cope and therefore get off balance. The good news is that nothing is permanent no matter how enormous your situation is

Realities of Cervical Cancer: What she knows, understands -and experience

It further states that cervical cancer is common among women aged between 21 to 65 years old.

Kenyan street food 'mutura' being prepared
Foods Nairobi residents savor while heading home in the evening

After a long day at work, all you want to do is head home, rest, eat, and sleep. You leave your workplace exhausted and famished. If the hunger is too much to bear, there are vendors selling different foods along your way home.

Office gossip
Office gossip has its benefits

There are different patterns of communication in every establishment downward, upward, horizontal, and grapevine. We are going to look at grapevine for today to understand its benefits in a business, non-profit firm, or institution.

Mother and child
How to look good after giving birth

Some gossip about their friends and neighbors who have emaciated, gained weight, remained as they were before pregnancy, and those who have lost the baby fat completely. All this is about the appearance of a woman after childbirth. It raises the question, is it possible to look attractive after having a baby?

Watching film series continuously
Are you a film series maniac? Here are the effects of watching continuously

In the past, watching a movie would take you an hour, an hour and half, or two hours and above if it is lengthy. That changed when film companies started producing series, which entail seasons and episodes. This has caused viewers to get hooked on their screens always looking forward to the next seasons and episodes with excitement and lots of expectations as events unfold.

Negative pregnancy test
Barrenness woes: Men can be infertile too

It is high time people accepted that infertility affects both men and women. The notion of assuming that a woman is childless because she is infertile is incorrect. Men can also be barren. A woman can be fertile but her man is not.