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Woman, take advantage of the time he is loaded

In case you have a partner or lover who can take care of you, take advantage of the current state. You never know when that job will be gone or in case money becomes tight.

Prepare to buy a new phone when these happen

Today, people order online, have video calls, share information, and socialize online. However, as you continue to use your phone, several things change with time.

How to deal with online trolling

Social media users on Twitter have been known to cyber-bully people with no mercy and the habit is nowhere near the end. Kinuthia is not the first individual to be trolled.

Types of anxiety disorder
Are you struggling with nervousness? Here are five types of anxiety disorder you should know

It is normal to be anxious considering how life can be stressful sometimes. However, when the anxiety gets out of proportion, it becomes a disorder that needs to be dealt with.

Child bullying
What to do when your child is the bully

Parents are usually worried about other children bullying their kids. They do whatever they can to protect their little ones. Now, sometimes your child might be the bully mistreating other children with words or actions.

Dealing with hopelessness
Dealing with hopelessness: What to do when things go sideways

It can be difficult coping with the fact that things have not worked out, as you wanted. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and as if the world is against you.

Dealing with stress
What to do while stressed: Mechanisms that can lead to self healing cum relaxation

Stress is a feeling you get when you experience something overwhelming or you find it difficult to cope and therefore get off balance. The good news is that nothing is permanent no matter how enormous your situation is

Realities of Cervical Cancer: What she knows, understands -and experience

It further states that cervical cancer is common among women aged between 21 to 65 years old.