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State of the Nation Address: Expected message from President Uhuru Kenyatta

Much is expected revolving around the big four agenda, war on graft and the ongoing Huduma Namba registration exercise.

Intrigues, contoversies risen by government officials over drought in Kenya

What is the future of information in Kenya, if indeed it has been suppressed

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Corporal punishment is not always the key to discipline and good performance

How many people were caned in school and never changed? There was no improvement in grades or discipline. Yes, sparing the rod is spoiling the child but the rod is not always the way to put a student back on the right track. Sometimes it requires some compassion and understanding.

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When did education become useless?

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has been in the limelight for terming 133 courses useless. This has caused tension among students studying the mentioned programs and graduates as well. CUE says the courses have not been approved.

Why Al-Shaabab keeps infiltrating Kenyan youths

-Kenya has faced terrorist attacks since the government deployed troops in Somalia. -Al-Shabaab has used young Kenyans to execute terror in their own country. -It clearly shows that we have failed as a country.

The changing face of athletics: Lesson from World Anti-Doping ban

United Kingdom Anti-Doping chief executive Nicole Sapstead urges athletes to be responsible and principled when it comes to doping

Do you prefer having a baby boy or a girl?

Two women were heard arguing. One was telling the other how she has a baby boy while the other has a girl. Which gender do you prefer?