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101-year-old Italian recovers from Coronavirus

-Italy is a European country that has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. -It became the next epicentre of the virus after Wuhan, China recovered. -The US is now leading in the number of Coronavirus cases with 82,000 people infected.

Cocoa farmers in Cameroon set for higher yields

A new seed variety called “Brazilian cacao” is now widely in use, providing far better yields to Cameroonian farmers

Farming in Nigeria set for major boost from Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism

The trade credit guarantee project is AFFM’s first in the West African nation and will involve 10 fertilizer suppliers, 12 hub agro-dealers and 120 retail agro-dealers

Coronavirus surge as UK health Minister test positive

Dorries confirmed that she had taken all the advised precautions after finding out and has been self-isolating at home.

ICC to investigate possible war crimes in Afghanistan involving U.S. forces

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has ruled that its chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda can open investigation of possible war crimes in Afghanistan perpetrated by the U.S. troops, Taliban, and Afghan government.

Gilead Sciences drug might help treat coronavirus symptoms

As the world continues to grapple with the outbreak of the coronavirus, WHO has positive news about a Gilead Sciences medication that may assist in treating the symptoms of the virus.

Russia set to oversee US presidential elections

The briefs said Russia does not only favor Trump, but also set to raise questions about the integrity of the US elections process.

Uganda holds International Conference on Land

This conference comes after the Government introduced a new National Land Information System (NLIS) with support from the IGN FI/IGN Consortium