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WHO under International grill over COVID-19 pandemic

The countries resolve to discuss the review this week at the decision-making body of the UN health agency virtual meeting.

Nigeria’s capital Legos face tough economic conditions over coronavirus lockdown

The government eased the curb last Monday, urging people to continue observing social distancing, but residents have been seen gathering in markets and banks.

Death toll rises as COVID-19 cases skyrocket in Tanzania

The death toll has so far risen to 10 cases, with 11 people fully recovering from the pandemic.

Situation worsens as Tanzania records 53 new cases of Covid19 within 24 hours

The numbers bring to total 147 confirmed cases, as the country records the highest number in a single day since it reported her first case.

Revealed: Why Trump is set to cut WHO funding as Coronavirus cases surge

Trump administration claim WHO did not do enough investigations into the COVID-19 outbreak in China

US to postpone 2020 Census

The Federal law requires the Census data to be compiled before the end of this year.

Coronavirus global watch

The United States has the most confirmed cases globally at over 160,700, and more than 3,000 people have died with the New York State recording a death toll of over 1,200.

US Coronavirus Updates: President Donald Trump accepts reality, ditching Easter target

Americans have to remain under shut down for a period of one months, or even more depending on the current state of the virus spread.