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Sudan: Omar Al-Bashir party dissolved –what next to his regime

The ousted president was in power since 1989 coup, until he was overthrown by a protest movement in April 2019.

South Africa: Sigh of relief to South African consumers as inflation lowers

The country expects to stabilize its inflation at around 5 percent by the year 2024.

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister
Brexit deal extension –Boris Johnson left with yet another headache from UK parliament

The Premier is left with no option but to accept the law (the Benn Act), which requires him to accept the EU's extension offer.

 Supreme Court ruling against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision
UK: MPs back in Parliament with plot to oust Boris Johnson, what next for the Premier

Members of Parliament have today resumed session following Tuesday Supreme Court ruling against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision.

Sri Lanka  bombing
Sri Lanka bombings retaliation for Christchurch attack

The state minister of defense on Tuesday said the bombings in Sri Lanka were retaliation for a recent attack in New Zealand. Easter Sunday was a fateful day in the country as bomb blasts killed over 300 people