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Noti Flow claims her ex-lover Mustafa is gay

The accused legendary singer has in the past dated several women including singer Marya.

Akothee collapse –does this mark her end in music industry

Sources close to the outspoken musician have revealed that she was just fatigued, a reason that led to her collapse on stage.

Magix Enga‘s message to musicians, producers after ‘Uno’ song by Harmonize was pulled down from Yotube

Last week, the producer alleged that Uno was sampled from one of his own hit song Dundaing.

Being a mother is no joke –big up new mummies, says Kambua

Kambua has been hoping for a baby three years since she got married, until June this year, when her dream came true.

Tanzania singer Harmonize careless on Magix Enger threat –continues marketing Uno

Beat King claimed that the bats used by Harmonize in the song resembles the one hee produced for Kenyan hit song ‘Dundaing’.

Boss Mutoto
Uganda: Boss Mutoto to join Jose Chameleon, Julian Kanyamozi industry

Ugandan socialite and fashion star William Bugeme alias Boss Mutoto has moved a notch high to join the ranks of Jose Chameleon and Juliana Kanyamozi.

Sho Madjozi
Sho Madjozi, ‘John Cena Swahili’ track trending; where did she learn her fluent Swahili tongue?

South African Hip hop star Sho Madjozi has been trending after her release of the new song dubbed John Cina, in the Swahili language.

KFCB unveil clean content Ambassador Nairobi region

The clean content ambassador was awarded Ksh. 1 million as an appreciation for producing and encouraging clean content in the film industry.