Daily Nation : President Uhuru and Ruto fight for control of Parliament

DP Ruto during the KCPE 2019 supervison.
DP Ruto during the KCPE 2019 supervison. Photo|Cou
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Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has lashed at daily nation over Friday’s front cover story that claims he has a row with the president over the house control.

The paper state that Rutos’s allies are set to ‘shoot down’ a proposal by treasury next week, which seeks to raise Kenya’s debt ceiling to Sh.9 trillion, but Uhuru ‘has the numbers’.

“Senators will next week vote to adopt or reject Treasury’s push to raise Kenya’s debt ceiling to Sh.9 trillion. The DP’s allies have vowed to shoot down the proposal, which is clear to the president, who has the numbers,” read the paper in part.

On his twitter handle, the DP accused the paper for being sponsored by petrified Jubilee Party haters.

However, the DP seems to be in support of the statement by nation, when he goes further, in his twit, calling on senators to ‘ignore this nonsense.’

Ruto adds that ‘the president and I are focused on big 4 agenda and transformation’, and that no provocation will derail or shake Jubilee.

The relationship between the DP and President Uhuru has, since the handshake initiative with opposition leader Raila Odinga, been described as ‘feeble’ by various political analysts.

With the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) being born from the handshake, Ruto and his allies have been reading a different script from the president.

President Uhuru has been in full support of the BBI, yet Ruto claims that the initiative was meant to creates some political-leadership space for ‘some people’, who would refer to as political failures.

With just a few steps left for the contents of the BBI agenda to be released, the DP and his allies are afraid it may be part hindrances to their 2022 race.

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