Global Teacher in US -success lessons from Peter Tabichi

Global Teacher Peter Tabichi with US President Don
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The Global award winning Teacher Peter Tabichi on Wednesday opened Congress session with Fransiscan Prayer.

Speaking after the peaceful prayer, Brother Tabichi said he was honoured to have graced the opening of the Congress session.

“It was a privilege and honour to open the US Congress with the Franciscan Prayer for peace at the Capitol, Washington DC” 

Tabichi won the Teacher of the year award held in Dubai March 2019, scooping a whooping Ksh. 1000 million.

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The award has enabled him to become an iconic figure across the world, instigatating his movements to various countries.

Today he is in the US and and much has been talked and learned about him. Here are four key lessons for success from the global teacher.


Success stories comes with humility. Tabichi become a global award winner, after humbling himself and dedicating his life to serve the needy.

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White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham wrote on twitter that, “Peter is a science teacher who gives away 80% of his monthly income to help the poor in his home country of Kenya.

Hard working

The success that Tabichi clinch on today is as a result of his hard work.

According to the twit by Grisham, the dedication he had has given hope to many poor students and pupils in the country. 

“His dedication, hard work, and belief in his student’s talent has led his poorly resourced school in Kenya to emerge victorious after taking on the country’s best schools in national science competitions,” wrote Grisham.


The global teacher was kind in his quest to ensure that the poor gets uplifted. Even after earning the award, he continued to support poor children in his home country.

He included his school, the local community and the needy students in his magnificent plans of using the 100 million kenya shillings award.

He promised to construct a computer laboratory at his school, Keriko day secondary school.

Success comes from the heart of humility, kindness, hard work and dedication.

The Franciscan Prayer graced by Tabichi to the Congress , is a prayer of Peace popular across the world, which brings out happy harmony between words of the prayer and the generous joy-filled and peace loving spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The prayer underscores the principles of going first but resolves for humbling and seeking for forgiveness.

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