Woman, take advantage of the time he is loaded


Women like to be taken care of. That is how they are wired, to receive. Independent women feel nice when a man spends money on them even though some may refute this; the feeling is great.

Now, not everyone dates or marries a rich or financially stable man. However, in case you have a partner or lover who can take care of you, take advantage of the current state. You never know when that job will be gone or in case money becomes tight.

By taking advantage, it does not mean you become a spendthrift. Yes, it is okay to go shopping, spoil yourself, and buy household items. However, be smarter than that especially if you are a housewife or jobless.

If he does not have issues giving you cash, do something worthwhile with the money. Invest and save some for a rainy day and your future. Convince him to give you some capital for a business, and be good at it.

It is easy to get comfortable money is not a problem in a relationship or marriage. Join a chama even and save instead of spending every cent. When you surround yourself with people who are investment-oriented, they challenge you to be better and be great at handling finances.

Otherwise, it may come a time when your man lacks money and you will be back to square one with no safety net. It is all about being smart and prepared for the future and the uncertainties of life. 

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