Court orders Moi University to pay students excluded on graduation list

Photo: Courtesy

Moi University students who were left out of the graduation ceremony on Thursday august 22, 2019 will be paid for the frustration they underwent.

According to a Mombasa court order, the affected 700 students should each be paid Ksh 50, 000.

While delivering the verdict, Justice Pauline Nyamweya criticized the university for excluding the students from the graduation list.

She directed the management to compensate the 13 students who took the matter to court on behalf of the affected lot.

Nyamweya explained that failure of the university to include the students on the list violated their rights and denied them freedom form psychological torture and fair administrative action contrary to the constitution.

She ruled that the institution’s decision violated the learners’ legitimate expectations.

The ruling read in part, “An order is hereby issued granting each of the petitioners herein an award of Ksh 50, 000 as nominal damages for infringement of their rights as provided for in the constitution.”

The petitioners argued that they were left out of the graduation list yet they had completed their studies.

On the other hand, the university said the affected students had fee arrears and missing marks, and they would graduate in December after they fix the issues. 

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