Meet Margret Hamilton: The woman who set men on moon

Margret Hamilton  NASA software engineer

History was made for the US in July 1969 when two men Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. However, the whole process requires more people for a successful landing. Who made it possible for American astronauts to set foot on the moon? It was a software engineer by the name Margret Hamilton.

The engineer developed the on-board computer programs that powered NASA’s Apollo missions including the 1969 moon landing.

According to CNN, on July 18, 2019 Google unveiled a giant tribute to Hamilton in California’s Mojave Desert where more than 107,000 mirrors were positioned to reflect moonlight and form her image for one night.

“She developed a guidance computer program, the lifeline for astronauts that controlled the spacecraft,” Google stated in announcing the artist honor during the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to celebrate her contribution to science and space travel.

Hamilton developed a fault-free system that took care of any tech issues that would have interfered with the journey of reaching the moon.

She would go with her daughter Lauren to work during weekends and she would play in the simulator. After Lauren crashed the simulator by hitting a button while the craft was in flight, Hamilton programmed backstops to prevent an astronaut from dong the same mid-flight, a mistake that would cause serious consequences in space. 

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