Otile Brown, Ethic release new song

Otile Brown, Ethic release new song
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After winning hearts of fans with his Bongo flavor style of singing, Otile Brown has changed the tune. He has unveiled a song Dala Dala featuring Ethic. 

At the beginning he sounds like some contemporary Kenyan artist, the likes of Timmy T Dat. The bridge of his song is fine with hs usual bongo flow saying in part, " I need some love now. Some real love now. Yalonikuta sitamani... Mapenzi safari...Nipe pombe.."

Considering what he went through with Vera Sidika outing him about being broke and asking money from her, boy-child deserves to sing his heart out loud. He needs some real love even after things did not work out for him and his Ethiopian girlfriend after being with Vera. 

The change in genre, however, is something fans have to wait to determine whether it is a one time thing or not. 

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