Harmony: How Huawei's new android OS could spark market changes

Huawei Y 9
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Trade wars between China and the United States adversely affected Huawei, the world's second largest phone making company.

US administration listed Huawei on the 'Entity List' over what President Donald Trump termed a threat to the national security.

This promoted companies like Google, Intel and Qualcom deny the Chinese giant access to basic components in its android Operating System.

But weeks after Trump mentioned a lift from the ban, the company seems less affected following its trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

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The company filed these application on July 12, in an attempt to register the name “Harmony”, which will be used for its mobile and computer operating systems.

According to the application, Harmony will contain: “Downloadable operating system programs; Recorded operating system programs; Mobile operating systems; Computer operating systems; Downloadable computer operating programs and computer operating systems.”

The next web reports that Huawei might be attempting to create a cross-platform operating system that’s compatible with both desktops and smartphones.

This might see a counter market change in the mobile and computer operating system should the EU accept the application.

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Huawei had earlier trademarked an OS called HongMeng in China, which was later revealed to be for IoT devices.

In an effort to build its own backup OS (Harmony), the company plans to lay off hundreds of employees at its Futurewei Technologies research subsidiary.

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