Jamaican Singer Alaine responds to Willy Paul plea to unblock him

Alaine responds to Willy Paul's pleas

After the controversial Kenyan gospel artist Willy Paul caused a stir on social media asking Alaine to unblock him, the Jamaican female artist has finally responded to his plea.

Alaine has replied saying, “We have great musical chemistry … so what do you think…one more song??? Let’s unblock some blessings.”

She added, “Everything will be alright. It is all about the music, and specifically, all about God. Thanking him f all his blessings, despite obstacles, despite enemies, in spite of ourselves….”

The reply insinuates a clear message that the two were not an item and Willy Pozee should not make it look like they were an item.

When posting his pleas online, Pozee explained that he did so to let his fans help him reach Alaine.

Part of the post read, “You came to Kenya the other day and didn't bother looking for me. Was forced to look for you. What happened after that? You blocked me …mmmmh….My mum keeps asking me where you disappeared to but I’m glad you liked one of my posts the other day. May be that’s a sign.”

During an recent event, Willy Paul had quite a show on stage with Nandy that led many to believe something as ‘cooking’ between them.

Later, the female Tanzanian artist said her handsome man is yet to be born, a statement that may have sent Pozee spinning making him look for Alaine perhaps. 

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