Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down menace: cause of glitch, hilarious user reactions

Facebook photo glitch

On June 3, Facebook users across the globe had a problem uploading photos, videos, and other files on the popular social media platform.

 It is an issue the company acknowledged to be true through their tweeter handle @facebook. However, they resolved it at fast as they could.

Facebook explained that a routine maintenance task accidentally triggered a bug that made it difficult for users to upload or send photos and videos.

#Facebookdown and #instagramdown were trending on Twitter with users around the world reporting that the apps were not functioning.

According to the tracking website DownDetector, thousands of users around the world were reporting outages, with Europe and North America most affected.

On March 13, 2019, a Facebook outage lasting as long as 24 hours was blamed on a "server configuration change". It was termed the worst ever outage for the internet giant.

Later Twitter also said they were experiencing issues with their platform as well.

According to the Independent, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp use shared infrastructure. It could be the reason why all the three platforms were malfunctioning.


User Reactions

On Facebook, for instance, users would read text content on posts with no images. The experience attracted hilarious comments. WhatsApp audience had a hard time uploading photos, videos, and voice messages while on Instagram photos were not loading.

One of them said, “I usually sleep at 3.00am because of Facebook. Today I will sleep at 1.00am.”

Another added, “Facebook being down has given me time to go downstairs and talk to my family. They are really nice people.” I mean seriously!

From the comments, it was evident that online social apps are actually taking up much time in people’s lives. Everywhere you go, you will see people looking at their phone screens with their fingers busy scrolling, reading, liking, and commenting on posts. It could be at the bank, classrooms, parks, and even hospitals. It is like an addiction.

Another user stated that at least people will have time to have face to face conversations instead of being ‘glued’ to their phones.

Some individuals mentioned switching their phones on and off and logging in and out of their accounts but it was not helping.



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