Israel Elections Update as low voter turnout recorded

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Benjamin Netanyau, Israel prime minister
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Low voter turnout has been reported in the ongoing Tuesday election in Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau's stronghold deemed affected.

More than 10,000 polling stations are open with 6.3 million registered voters eligible to participate in the exercise.

According to Pollster Professor Camil Fuchs, low voter turnout in Arab Communities will be the biggest problem in history.

"This is the biggest problem. We have never seen such things and this may be the biggest drama." said Fuchs.

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Voter turnout stands at 42.8 percent as at 4 pm compared to 2015 election where it was recorded at 45.4 percent.

Prime Minister Netanyau's party is alleged to have staged 1,200 hidden cameras in Arab polling stations.

Though the race is between the premier and Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz, Kahol Lavan candidate Ashkenazi warn of attempts to sabotage the elections.

"We are dealing in the past few hours with an attempt to sabotage this election, to mark Kahol Lavan ballots to get them disqualified, we are reporting these attempts and I am sure it will be taken care of." said Ashkenazi.

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