Israel Elections: Could Benjamin Netanyau retain the premiership?

Benjamin Netanyau
Benjamin Netanyau
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Israelis on Tuesday go to ballot to determine their next leader.

More than 6 million registered voters are expected to take part in this elections.

According to AP news, the election is deemed the toughest challenge for the Right-Wing party flag bearer Benjin Netanyau, as his challenger hopes to unseat him for change.

Netanyau has led Israel for more than a decade, with his recent administration being rocked by corruption claims and investigations.

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The election is billed as a referendum for the premier, with the polls putting the Blue and White Party former military chief Benny Gantz ahead of him.

However, Israelis largely believes that Netanyahu will retain the premiership due his ability to bring together right-wing parties into a governing coalition.

Netanyau shore up support from Arab Israelis and other groups by bring them together and vowing to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

AP news report that Netanyau's challenger Gantz, has promised to support a "globally backed peace agreement" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would still allow Israel to exercise some form of jurisdiction in settlements.

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Source: AP

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