Founder and female editorial board members of Vatican women magazine quit citing male dominance

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The founder and all female members of the editorial board of the Vatican’s women’s magazine have quit for reasons established as the Vatican campaign aiming at discrediting them and allowing men to take charge over them after they condemned the abuse of nuns by the clergy.

The Associated Press(AP) reported on Tuesday that they received an open letter from pope Francis which was written by the editorial committee of the Women Church World, citing why they quit.

“we are throwing in the towel because we feel surrounded by a climate of distrust and progressive de-legitimization,’ founder Luccetta Scaraffia wrote on the planned April 1st editorial that is yet to be published.

Scarrafia told the Associated Press that their decision was arrived at after the new editor of L’Ossevatore Andrea Monda told her earlier this year that he will be taking over as the editor, after reconsidering the editorial boards threat to resign and the catholic weeklies that distribute translations of Women Church World in France, Spain and Latin America told her they would stop distributing.

“After trying to control us, they also tried to delegitimize us,” she told the AP.

So far there is no comment that has been received from the Vatican.

The magazine was launched in 2012 by Lucetta Scaraffia who took the oversight role and watched it grow into an independent magazine that voiced the grievances of women. The magazine enjoyed editorial independence until the last editorial when the board announced that the conditions no longer exist.

The future of the magazine still remains unclear. The Spanish edition are published and distributed in Spain and parts of Latin America. The French edition is published as an insert to La Vie, a catholic weekly.

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