TECH BYTE: Businesses risk data lose to Cyberattack

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About 40 per cent of businesses in the world are still using Windows 7 in data storage and system management.

Research has shown that Windows 7 is still trusted and commands a considerable percentage in the desk top market.

However, a report by Microsoft corporation about Windows 7 patch to be effected by January 2020 comes in with a shock to many businesses.

The report released on Wednesday states that Microsoft will stop sending security updates to Windows 7 users beginning January 14, 2020.

This means that the company will stop rolling out security fixes and flaws to the Operating System.

Since its debut in the desk top market, Windows 7 has proved its effectiveness to users as the easiest OS one can navigate through, prompting businesses and company trust.

But the move by Microsoft will put these businesses, data and systems at a risk of cyberattack.

Microsoft says it is taking the move to keep its users up to date with latest software (Windows 10), which stands at a greater security foundation and improvements to mitigate attacks.

The company said it will start sending warning alerts as early as April 14 2019.

A report by said that microsoft will give its enterprise customers an option to pay for extended security updates until 2023.

The Company released Windows XP security patches in 2017, to prevent the spread of WannaCry, an attack which knocked schools, business and institutions offline.

Meanwhile, Windows 8 users will have a reason to smile as Microsoft gives them updates privileges until January 2023.

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