The most important thing I have done for Kenya is winning money bid in Canada, says George Magoha

George Magoha
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Nominated Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has said that his greatest achievement for Kenya in the education sector is when he won a Canadian bod for money.

Speaking during a parliamentary vetting on Thursday, Magoha said his team was able to collect 241 million dollars from the competion.

"I have done so many things but the most important is when I went to Canada to compete for money with Canadian Syndicate of Universities and health institutions, my team won and we brought home 241 million Canadian dollars." said Magoha.

He said that the money was used to build the Kenyatta National Hospital level 3 laboratory, which is now used for research on fever.

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Asked what he did as a Vice Chancellor at Nairobi University, Mr. Magoha said that at the start of his tenure, the university had many stalled projects but he completed them.

He said that for one to succeed as a team leader, 'you should delegate and don't sit back and relax'.

"If you give me back a report, I will look like I succeeded where I was going, I will take it and tell you thank you, but later I will have a look at it befor signing." he said.

Magoha said duties should not be delegated completely, else 'you lose control'.

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"I was trained never to trust anybody, that even when you delegate, you never delegate completely because if you delegate completely then you lose control…” said Prof. Magoha.

The former Kenya National Examination council chair was nominated by President Uhuru to take over Amina Mohammed, who was moved to head the sports docket.

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