DPP Nordin Haji defines dam scandal

Nordin Haji, DPP
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Director of Public Prosecution Nordin Haji has put the Kamwarer and Arror dam figures to perspective according to the investigations.

Speaking on one of the local TV station on Wednesday, Haji said the controversial figures surrounding the scandal 'are all true.'

"Shs7 billion was paid to contractors, more than 11 billion to insurance firm which amounts close to 21 billion. 65 billion is the cost of all the dams constructed." said Haji.

The DPP maintained that those found guilty of committing an offence will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment before being released.

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"We have changed our approach. We will put you in jail and go back to enjoy your proceeds of crime 10 years later." he said.

Asked wether Treasury CS Henry Rotich could face the same charges if found guilty, Haji said "let the DCI finish with its investigations."

He was very content in his quest to fight corruption in the country, saying the law will take its course.

Calls from higher ranks

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Haji added that there is no any influence to his office from top leaders, saying that if any could come "I would refer them to the constitution,"

"You are a criminal no matter your tribe. We have cases, evidence and trial in courts of law. We don't target individuals."

This comes even after Deputy President and his allies accused the DCI of politically instigating the dam scandal.

A section of leaders from Ruto's back yard dared the president to tell them his stand in support of William Ruto, saying CS Rotich probe was individually targeted to shutter the DPs 2022 political ambitions.

However, Mr Haji was very precise that his office works under the law and any individual found committing crime should stand alone, not with the community.

He listed graft cases in the country with reference to tribe since April 2018.

According to Haji, Kikuyu's graft cases stand at141, Kalenjin (46), Luo (56), Indian (15), Kamba (31), Luhya (29), Kisii (37), Mijikenda (34)...

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