How movie addicts watch films

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People watching movies

Movie addicts do not watch films anyhow. They do it with passion and they pay attention to every detail. Here is how they do it.

Once a movie addict downloads a film or gets it from the movie shop, he starts first round watching. At this stage, one simply wants to watch as events unfold. He is after being entertained.

The second round is about re-watching a film from the beginning to the end to catch what he did not understand well. It could be a word, a phrase, or an explanation. Some investigative films have complex plots or explanations for crime. Within the second round of watching, the viewer also replays specific scenes for better understanding.

Then it comes to the third round. At this point, he understands the movie in and out. The plot is clear that it is easy narrating it to someone else. A movie addict chooses to watch specific parts, which can be funny, romantic, or horrific scenes. It really depends on the preference of the viewer. 

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