Men should leave independent women alone, they created them

Independent woman

Social media has empowered people in all the good ways and bad. Today, users online can troll anyone they want whether popular or not.

The same users make governments, companies, and institutions listen even when they do not want to. An example of people trolled online is independent women.

They are ridiculed about being single, childless, and rude regardless of their achievements. This raises the question who created independent women anyway?

In the old times, women were housewives -their roles involved giving birth, taking care of children, preparing meals, doing household chores, and caring for their husbands.

Men were to fend for their families and protect them, but over the centuries, a lot has changed about what a woman should do thanks to the women empowerment efforts across the globe.

Today, women have jobs, they are CEO’s of companies, and are doing great.

Some men fear successful women. They think they are disrespectful and threatening. Consider a scenario where a woman is married. She does not work but the husband does. Somehow, the money is not enough to raise children. She decides to get out of her comfort zone. She gets a job to support her man and make life easier.

However, there are women toiling to take care of their families because some men have failed at performing their roles. Yes, unemployment is real but some lousy men just sit around waiting for some kind of miracle.

Men are responsible for creating some of the independent women we see today. You fail at taking care of your loved ones, you make young women detest the idea of marriage (not that marriage is mandatory).

Therefore, they decide to work hard in life. They get jobs and run this world. They do not see the need for a man in their lives if they can do everything for themselves.

The only way you can make a successful, independent woman fall for you is if you challenge her to achieve more. Otherwise, it is difficult seducing her into a marriage in which she will be providing almost everything.

Nonetheless, not all independent women have terrible behavior. Most of them are kind, understanding, nurturing, and inspiring.