Why new curriculum roll out won't be effective soon

Amina Mohammed
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The ministry of education had planned to roll out the new curriculum system of 2-6-6-3 come January 2019, but the plan has flopped due to 'a few missing links' that the ministry claims it needs time to fix.

On Saturday, Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed confirmed that the implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) will not take place until January 2020.

According to her statement, here are some of the reasons that might have led to slow CBC implemantaion;

Stakeholder agreement

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Some education stakeholders were not fully prepared for this new curriculum

The CS said that they have agreed with other education stakeholders to start training tutors in teaching colleges on the new curriculum in 2019.

“The directorate of quality assurance and standards will be tasked to vigorously track the implementation of the competency-based curriculum in all sub-counties across the country and the training of quality assurance officers that will commence in February 2019,” she said.

Ministry re-oganization

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She added that a secretariat will be established within the Education Ministry to coordinate the priorities, activities, communication and implementation infrastructure to support the CBC.

“The curriculum focus at the Ministry of Education will be re-organized to secure supervision and evaluation of the CBC in all public, private and special needs institutions across the country,” she said. 

The pilot study for the curriculum will continue as the ministry settles all the missing links before full implementation.

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