Amba Lulu sent Mbosso exceptional birthday wishes

Amber Lulu and mbosso

Ex-Prezzo girlfriend Amber Lulu has sent WCB singer Mbosso birthday wishes with a special message.

The Controversial Tanzanian video vixen thanked Mbosso for saving her from a rape incident, adding that his soul is God’s given.

“Happy birthday @mbosso_ kuna watu waachee tu mungu awape roho zao sio za kawaida unakumbuka @mbosso_ bila ww leo katika maisha yangu ningekuwa na stor ya kubakwa na Sijawah kusikia popote mpaka leo nimeongea mwenywe happy birthday,” she wrote on her social media account.

She added that the ‘Nadekezwa’ hit maker is a kind and sympathetic person she has ever met in her life.

Lulu ended her relationship with Prezzo, after accusations that she was cheating on him, with allegations that she recorded a video of her and a man named Nuh Mziwanda.

However, she explain that she recorded the video while chilling out after a shoot of their upcoming music video with Nuh Mziwanda.

She added that she had no intention of posting the video because it was for her personal use.

According to the vixen, the video automatically uploaded itself after she loaded bundles on her phone. Following the incident.