Rib-cracking names of infants in Nyanza

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The current political situation in the Country has come out with another face of it.

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Despite the high political climate experienced in the country, mothers in Kisumu have taken advantage of it. 

A survey carried out recently in hospitals at the lake side region has shown mothers adopting a new way of naming their newborns. The names have been alluded to the current political climate.

Here are some of the names that were spotted in hospital files.

1. Live Bullet Ayoki

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2. Brookside Anyango

3. Kiemskit Ochieng

4. Verifiable Apondi

5. Teargas Awiti

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6. Tallying Centre Opollo

7. Eurobond Aketch

8. Bidco Anyango

9. Supreme Court Otiende

10. Tibiim Owino

12. Nullification Akollo

13. Null and Void Othis

14. Maandamano Oyoo

15. Boycott Okinyi

16. Resistance Mc Otieno

17. Amicus Curiae Atieno

18. Free and Fair Onyango

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