Are you single and searching? Here are five places to get a partner

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It comes an age when one decides it's now high time to get a soul-mate. However, it sometimes gets difficult for one to get a partner. Some people may face rejection in their first dates.

The most challenging part is to get a partner whom you are compatible with and share a common interest.

Here are some of the places where you can find a partner and whom you fit and have similar interests.

1. Church and worshiping places

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Church is a good place to get a partner. Congregators meet for spiritual nourishment but among them there are those congregants seeking for love. If you are single and searching make a church your priority apart from bible studies and spiritual engagement mingle with the believers and eventually you will come along someone you share interests and you will find your love.

2. Weddings or nuptials

Wedding events are also good places to get a partner. The bridesmaids and groom maids may be in the same boat you are in; looking for love. Apart from the delicacies and beautiful flowers decorating the event there are those looking to be spotted with someone to get engaged to and take their dream in a nuptial.

3. Work retreats

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The working class sometimes go for retreats or assigned duties with opposite gender. In such a case people meet and interact and one who is single has a chance to get love of his/ her soul.

4. Attending concerts

One who is single and ready to mingle should be fond of attending concerts such as musical concerts, fashion shows, sporting events and crusades where people of different interests meet. It makes it easier to spot a mate of your interest as you converse.

5. Seminars

There're different types of seminars such as business seminars, Church seminars, singles seminars where people converge and interact with each other knowing one's status. This may create a room for people searching for partners to get one whom he/she is compatible with and have similar interests.

Go to these places and be optimistic, have self confidence and be determined and definitely you'll get a partner who suits you whom you fit with and share a common interest.

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