Things that make your environment untidy as much as you stay clean

Smartphone in toilet

Do you stay tidy all the time? Well here are few things that keeps your environment dirtier, as much as you try to stay clean.

Make-up bags and brushes

Wearers of make-up may want to investigate their make-up bags and accessories, as these can harbour bacteria. If you use brushes that have contact with your skin and then put them back into the same bag, you’re transferring germs from your skin to the bag and then back again when you reuse them.

To counter this, make sure that you wash your brushes and clean out your kit at least once a week.


Most people have undoubtedly used their smartphone/phones while on the toilet. The fact is, your phone screen could be covered in 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Make sure you're cleaning your smartphone screen - or at least keeping it out of the bathroom.

The side of ovens

While some ovens are built in, meaning that the gaps in the sides are safe from food debris, those that aren’t are vulnerable to food side spillage. Food that escapes the pan and falls down the side will eventually go off, leading to bad odours.

To deal with this, take the oven out of its space and giving it a good clean weekly.


There will be filters in places such as your washing machine and your fridge. Since the purpose of these is to trap all the dirt and debris that may try and make its way through the system, it’s inevitable that these may eventually get overloaded and clogged.

Make sure you clean out the lint catcher in your washing machine and the filter tray under your fridge, both prone to building up germs.


You may think that you’re doing the right thing by running a mop around your floors every week, but it may actually be spreading more dirt than not.

The bacteria get caught up in the strands of the mop and are then smeared around the floor. Floors that are left wet to dry are also prone to bacteria build up, as germs thrive in wet conditions.

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