Uhuru Kenyatta refute Raila Odinga call for Interim government

Raila Odinga. Uhuru

A day after the opposition leader Raila Odinga demanded for an interim government to pave way for electoral changes that will see free, fair and democratic elections in the country, President Uhuru Kenyatta has move to court to contest the move.

Through his lawyer Fred Ngatia, Uhuru accused Mr. Raila for illegally seeking a power sharing deal.

"The real purpose of this suit is to force the first interested party (Uhuru Kenyatta) to enter into negotiations with NASA with a view to sharing power," said Fred Ngatia.

Regretted boycott

Activist Okiya Omtata filed a petition seeking the nullification of October 26 elections an a caretaker president named.

Mr.Kenyatta accused Raila and his Nasa supporters regret boycotting the repeat elections by hiding behind activists’ suits.

Jubilee Party leaders have also faulted Raila Odinga saying his demands cannot be met since door for dialogue is closed

“The Constitution does not anticipate an interim government; it only anticipates three elections - a general election, repeat election and by-election. As far as we are concerned the next election will be held on August 9, 2022,” Mr Duale fired.

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