France:A girl butchered by rats in a dusk attack

Rats (photo; courtes
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A 14-year old crippled girl was mutilated by rats while he was in a slumber on the ground floor in a rented house in Roubaix, France on September 2, 2017.

According to medical experts quoted by France Info the lass sustained 45 facial inflictions, 150 on her hands and 30 on her feet.

Samantha, the girls name, was found by his father drenched in a pool of blood in her bed last Saturday. The father, who sleeps upstairs said everything had been fine before the family went to bed.

The girl's father said that he is seeking justice for his daughter and he would sue the landlord for what he claims negligence by the landlord to do a clean up on the rubbish bins that are overflowing.

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The father said that Samantha's fingers were bitten off by the hungry omnivorous which surgeons cannot repair them.

Medical experts have carried out check ups on Samantha for possible rabies infections which she has tested negative.

The family has been relocated to a different house as police launch investigations into the attack which medical experts say such attacks on humans are rare though hungry rats do sometimes feed on corpses.

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