Donald Trump is looking for a way out of The White House, says James Clapper

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Former United States director of national intelligence James Clapper has faulted President Donald Trump over his reaction to the Charlottesville attack, saying he is not fit to be president.

This comes after peaceful demonstrations were experienced a long major cities in the US, as protesters clashed with Trump supporters and police at Phoenix convention centre.

President Trump dismissed this saying there was nothing to worry about.

"And just so you know from the secret service, there aren’t too many people outside protesting,” Trump said.

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In reaction to Trumps speech, Clapper said it is a “downright scary and disturbing”, which the president may be using as means to “look for a way out”.

“I question his fitness to be in this office and I also wonder if he is looking for a way out,” Mr Clapper.

Several people were injured following Charlottesville attack.

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