Veteran politician Kenneth Matiba and awarded Sh.504 million by the High Court for torture in president Moi's regime

Kenneth Matiba
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Kenneth Matiba a veteran and multiparty politician has been awarded damages worthy Sh.504 for the afflictions and torture he underwet during president Daniel Moi's reign in 1991.

The 85-year-old politician and former Kiharu MP together with Charles Rubia were agitating for multipartism and democracy when they were apprehended and detained in Nyayo House.

In his ruling Justice Isaac Lenaola said that the award should act as a reminder of the dark days of Nyayo era though Mr Matiba cannot regain his health as before.

Mr Matiba was a founder member of the opposition party Ford which later split into Ford-Kenya and Ford-Asili. Mr Matiba steered the latter while Jaramogi Oginga Odinga late father of Rails Odinga of ODM led Ford-Kenya.

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Mr Matiba argued that he lost investments worth Sh 5billion during detention, saying he personally managed his vast business interest which he suffered upon his apprehension and detention during Moi's regime.

In his judgment justice Isaac Lenaola noted that Mr Matiba suffered a stroke on May 26, 1991 but remained in detention without medication for a week.

Justice Lenaola said that the state only awards 20% of the 5billion Mr Matiba sought for losses. Lenaola however declined a claim by Mr Matiba for refurbishment of one of his hotels saying that Matiba was now claiming too far.

Mr Matiba rose to become a young Kanu-era cabinet minister. He was earlier a permanent secretary in his 20s since Kenya got independence. But his fall came out during president Moi's era when he was rigged out during the infamous Mlolongo(queue) voting system.

One of his witnesses, Mr Lawrence Murigi a financial and investment analyst explained that Mr Matiba had an admirable career in politics and a blossom business man.

Mr Murigi said an audit of the business showed that Mr Matiba lost more than Sh2billion in commercial real estate, Sh.2billion in privately held shares, sh.329million in publicly trading shares and Sh.210million dividends.

Being among African pioneers in the tourism and hotel industry Mr Matiba ran against president Moi in 1992 but he lost.

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