How to grow your YouTube channel from zero subscribers

Dee Mwango while filming her daily routine as an A

Good news. Indeed a piece of good news for you as an ardent person to score your goal in the media industry. Have you started some projects but have failed due to some reasons? Now, do not worry for there is a solution. Many have explored their talents, for instance, blogging, vlogging, and many others but have not hit the nail on the head. What is required of you to see your dream come true is just simple if you have started it.

In her journey on YouTube, Diana Mwango, commonly known artistically as Dee Mwango shares her experience and points out how one can grow in his or her career. As a second-year student back in 2017, in the school of education at Moi University, Dee Mwango went against all odds and posed her talent in the greenlight. She started her YouTube channel and shared her videos. And that's how she commenced her vlogging journey that has now become part and parcel of her life.

According to Dee Mwango, one needs to be determined to grow his or her talent. She narrates how she was determined to be a YouTuber. She says that vlogging was her dream and for that, she never lost hope however the situation shook her hands.

'' If there is something I wanted in this life, was to be a vlogger. It was my dream and it was also incited by my brother who is also a YouTuber. For that matter, my determination to make it happen took care of me, and sure, a determination is a key to success...I have more than sixty thousand subscribers and some of my videos have even four hundred thousand views,'' she recites.

Being consistent adds to the list. For one to make it and thumbs up to his or her project after starting it, consistency is a factor. Dee Mwango says that she was consistent and that's why her YouTube channel grew and keeps on growing. She also reiterates that many people started their talents but failed because they stopped.

''...if I could be hindered by my failures, I could have not reached where I am today. But because I took it for 'do or die', I am here and am still maneuvering," she says, stressing that consistency makes one be known, and through it, one can grow whatever he or she does.

Through consistency, one can learn what he or she might not have known. Dee Mwango learned a lot by pointing out how she discovered her previous mistakes and mend them in her following projects. Learning does not stop, and so, for one to grow in his or her undertaking, he or she should not stop but keep on pressing harder and harder.

To bring home the bacon in your vlogging or any other media-related project, one needs to be patient. It is the medicine of success as Dee Mwango rules out. There is nothing that comes without being waited for. If one wants his or her undertaking to grow, he or she must have its time as he or she continues with the artistic work.

Dee Mwango's mother (left) reacts in a video after her daughter informs her of the multi-million mansion they built her

According to the Moi University student, it took her more than a year for her YouTube channel to have a thousand subscribers so that the channel could be made a premium channel. But she waited for that day, and finally, when the hour elapsed, minute vibrated and the second tickled, she celebrated, and her journey took another dimension. She was on top of the world. What paid? Her patience, of course.

However, it was not easy for her to wait but her patience was accompanied by a determination that steered the movement. Some upcoming vloggers, bloggers, and artists when they feel like they are slowly growing, quit and end their journey prematurely. But Dee Mwango reprobates this claiming that it is the worst mistake for one to do in his or her bid to make it on top of his or her undertaking.

" For you to be like people of high profile personalities such as Churchill Ndambuki alias Mwalimu Churchill, you need to be patient. They also waited and waited, and fame got them because they did not lose hope. They were optimistic that one day whatever they do will be recognized. I challenge my fellow upcoming vloggers to always not quit whatever they upload on YouTube but keep on sharing. Sometimes you have started gaining audience when you untimely bid them goodbye,'' she says.

Touching on the audience, Dee Mwango also stresses the need to always have your audience in mind on how one may grow his or her undertaking. One needs to know the type of audience he or she fits in before creating content. She says this helps the audience to feel recognized and valued thus having great attention and thirst for more content of the same. Since she is a youth, she creates content that considers the young people and that kind of content she is knowledgeable about. She also says that since the audience is the esteemed customer, she puts all her efforts to have them sufficed and happy. In the need to educate them and inform them, she is squashed to create content that passes information and that imparts societal norms.

Another way and the most effective to grow your YouTube channel is through sharing. It stands out to be the perfect way since, through it, many people get to know the channel. The invention of social media has also made it possible for one to grow his or her YouTube or any other media-related undertaking easily at the comfort of his or her house. One may send his videos or articles to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Viskit, and much more. However, for Dee Mwango, apart from using the social media handles, she used the physical way of sharing within the Moi University area. As she remembers the experience, she says that she used it the hard way but was sure of the results. She could walk around Wi-Fi hotspots where many people crowded to use the free school internet.

'"I also visited Wi-Fi hotspots in the school, informing fellow students of my YouTube channel and convinced them to subscribe. This helped me so much because in a day, for instance, I could get more than thirty people. This also increased my views and my channel was growing day in day out," she narrates.

Nonetheless, this hard way requires determination and courage to face the students. Some may subscribe while others may not. In this case, one is required to have convincing power to sail through this stormy ocean.

Now, with adding little to the ways above, like being audible and using effective communication skills while doing your projects, one can grow and stand out to be on top in his or her endeavors. Dee Mwango while summing up, stresses that there is a need to love what you are doing and put God first.

" If what you do is not forced but you do it from love, then confide in me that your work will not go to waste. But before all these, before even coming up with your content, remember there is the Creator. Let him come first before anything else,'' urges the YouTuber.

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