How Covid-19 disinfectant booth works

Disinfectant booth, Nyahururu Referral

Several counties in the country have been embracing technology in the fight against the novel coronavirus, installing disinfectant booth in public areas to help curb the spread.

With examples from Laikipia, Nanyuki and Trans Nzoia setting the pace, disinfectant booth seems to be a nascent trend in the current fight against Covid-19.

Dr. Patrick Waihenya, the CEO Nyahururu County Teaching and Referral Hospital, explains that disinfectant in the booth is sprayed at a very high pressure (Vapour form) and one does not have to worry about getting wet.

The Doctor adds that, the booth is however meant for adult and not young children.

“A toddler should not, but her mother should. This is vapour, immediately you step out of the booth, it evaporates,” said Dr. Waihenya.

However, the doctor rules out the believe that the disinfectant can treat or completely prevent Coronavirus, adding that all you should is follow the guidelines set by the ministry of health.

“Nothing is hundred percent, but, having your mask on, your hands clean, and then through the booth, your chances of infection are reduced significantly,” he said.

In most places where the booth has been installed in the country, people are required to wash their hands, sanitize before passing through.

“At the entrance, just as the ministry of health advises, we have water and soap for people to clean up their hands before going through the booth, where they are sprayed the whole body,” said Paul Ojiambo, sales manager Mini Bakeries Rift Valley during the donation of the booth in Trans Nzoia county.

Modern disinfectant booth. Image|Courtesy

Modern scientific disinfectant booths are equipped with thermometers, antimicrobial coating and sanitizing spray.

The booth first checks a person's temperature before welcoming them inside for a 40-second disinfection process.

According to the Airport Authority Hong Kong, "full-body disinfection channel facility" involves a multi-faceted cleaning approach.

"The interior surface of the channel is equipped with antimicrobial coating which can remotely kill virus and bacteria on human bodies and clothing,” read part of the Hong Kong AA statement during the installation of the booth late May 2020.

The booth sprays a sanitizing liquid from BioEm into the air. "The channel is kept under negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination between the outside and inside environment," continued the statement.

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