Kenya seals top 15 African countries with 2,000-mark Coronavirus cases

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The number of coronavirus infections in Kenya have crossed to 2,000 mark, after 59 people tested positive on Monday, bringing the total number of infections to 2,021.

The number seals a list of top 15 African countries with over 2,000 cases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

South Africa tops with 34,357 infections and 705 fatalities, followed by Egypt with 24,985 cases and 959 deaths.

Nigeria comes in third with 10,162 infections as its death toll counts to 287, Algeria 9,394 cases and 653 deaths, Ghana has 8,070 infections with 36 deaths, Morocco with 7,819 cases and Cameroon stands at 6,143 cases with 197 fatalities.

Other countries in the list include Sudan (5,026 cases, 286 deaths), Senegal (3,739 cases, 42 deaths), Guinea (3,706 cases, 23 deaths), Djibouti (3,569 cases, 24 deaths), DR Congo (3,195 cases, 72 deaths), Cote D’Ivoire (2,833 cases, 33 deaths) and Gabon with 2,655 cases and 17 fatalities.

The least infected countries in Africa include Angola with 86 cases, Burundi (63), Eritrea (39), Botswana (38), Gambia (25), Namibia (25), Seychelles (11), Western Sahara (9) and Lesotho (2).

Kenya has lost at least 69 people from the Coronavirus infections with Monday data recording five more fatalities drawn from the Counties of Nairobi and Mombasa.

The two counties, which are hard-hit in the country, recorded 14 and 29 cases respectively with Turkana county recording six cases, Busia (4), Taita Taveta (2), Kajiado (2), Kiambu (1) and kilifi (1).

The country continues to record a high number of coronavirus infections, however the number of those recovering is positively scaling.

As at Monday, 8 patients were discharged bringing the total number of recoveries to 486.

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