Premier League first match after Covid-19 to play on June 17

Man City V Arsenal. Image|Courtesy

Defending Champions Manchester City will be taking on Arsenal after a three-month coronavirus break as English Premier League set to begin on June 17.

Aston Villa will be hosting Sheffield United completing the first two games to be played on the fixture day.

The two fixtures were originally postponed due to EFL Cup Final, and their kick off will increase every club match-played to 29 PL games.

Game in hand

Thursday's conference call was the second meeting of Premier League clubs in the last two days after they unanimously agreed on Wednesday morning to resume contact training, report Sky Sports.

There are 92 fixtures awaiting to be played for the completion of the 2019/2020 season.

A lose for Manchester City will mean League leaders Liverpool, who seek a first league title in 30 years, will rise to victory in their first game back.

The Reds are 25 points clear at the top of the table with Manchester City coming in second with 57 points.

EPL was suspended on March 13, following the covid-19 pandemic outbreak, after Leicester City's 4-0 win over Aston Villa who sits in the relegation with 25 points.

Reports shows that players and staff will continue to be tested twice a week, with the capacity increased from 50 to 60 tests per club for the fourth round of testing.

According to BBC Sports, 12 people have tested positive for coronavirus after 2,752 tests across the league.

The Premier League will be issuing safety guidelines from the government.

Meanwhile, there were plans to have a few high-profile games played on neutral grounds, however, many clubs including Brighton, West Ham and Crystal Palace have opposed the move.

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