Why President Uhuru took the hard-stance of closing Tanzania, Somalia borders

Kenya-somalia border wall. Image|Courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta has closed Kenya-Somalia and Kenya Tanzania border for 30 days.

This comes after counties across the borders recorded an increase of COVID-19 cases in the past week with the cases from the said countries gradually increasing.

In the past week the cases of COVID-19 across the borders have been soaring with Kajiado registering a high number at the Namanga Border.

With a majority of the cases coming from truck drivers, over 40 cases recorded this week were from Somalia and Tanzania.

The moves which will affect all human and vehicle transport takes effect from May 16.

The president also noting that only cargo vehicles will be exempted on condition that all the drivers are tested for the disease and test negative.

Somalia has over 1200 cases and 53 fatalities while Tanzania having more that 500 confirmed cases and 21 deaths, though Tanzania has remained silence in matters COVID-19.

With truck drivers termed as super transmitters, the government had ordered the test of all truck drivers coming into the country with a number of hospitals set aside for their tests to be carried.

On Friday Health Chief Administrator Secretary Rashid Aman said that the truck drivers are the weak link in the fight against the pandemic and that all have to be tested and certified.

This comes when the number of cases have since been increasing gradually as 49 more people testing positive as at Saturday, increasing the national tally to 840.

The ministry of health recorded 5 more deaths, bringing the fatality rate to 50.

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