Sofia want state to divert Kshs.100 million to the fight against Coronavirus pandemic

Bridget Shighadi (Sofia). Image|Courtesy

Popular Citizen TV show (Maria) actress Bridget Shighadi –acting as Sofia –has a message to President Uhuru Kenyatta, after he directed sports ministry to pay out Kshs.100 million to local artistes.

President Uhuru issued the order on Monday state of Coronavirus address, in what he termed as cautioning the artistes from the adverse effects of the pandemic, to enable them continue entertaining Kenyans even as they stay at home.

The move received mixed reactions ranging from the general public, to artistes themselves and other players of the Kenyan economy.

However according to Sofia, the government ought to have directed the funds to other issues related to COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking during the 10over10 show at Citizen TV on Friday night, the actress was adamant that the money could have helped the vulnerable and less privileged in the society, during this pandemic.

“I appreciate what the president has done, taking care of us (artistes), but it would have been better if he directed this funds to the vulnerable members of the public,” said Sofia.

Also reacting to the same during the show was musician Frasha, who thanked the president, adding that they too (artistes) are in need of support during this hard times.

“I think the president has taken a remarkable move to remember us. This funds do not come from the tax payers docket; these are funds collected from musicians every year,” said Frasha.

The directive will see all local artistes earning a total of Ksh.200 million per month or Ksh.2 billion per year, effective this month.

“Starting this month, all our local artistes will be earning a total of Ksh.200 million per month that will be paid to musicians through the system and other platforms that we have developed. This shall translate this year to over Ksh.2 billion going into the pockets of our young artistes and young Kenyans,” said president Kenyatta during the address.

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