Meet Brenda, Brian: Coronavirus survivors share experience with President Kenyatta

As the government and health care providers continue to battle Coronavirus cases in Kenya, two patients who have fully recovered have shared their experience.

The young Kenyans, Brenda Cherotich and Brian, spoke to President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier today through video conferencing.

Cherotich revealed that she might have contracted the virus while in London or while on a flight to Nairobi. She explained that she had been following the news about the pandemic in Kenya, adding that a day after arriving in the country, she had a cough and she generally felt unwell.

That is when, as a responsible Kenyan, she presented herself to Mbagathi Hospital, where her case was treated seriously. Immediately she told the medics of her travel history, they attended to her swiftly, giving her a mask to wear on arrival.

The young woman has thanked the doctors, nurses, and cleaners at Kenyatta National Hospital who were kind and helped her cope with the emotions of being in quarantine. She added that she has been in quarantine for 23 days and she has recovered.

Brenda has urged Kenyans to be patriotic and responsible, and present themselves to hospital in case they exhibit symptoms of the virus however mild.

Brian, on the other hand, said that he was in contact with Brenda, and after her results came out positive, health workers picked him up and took him to hospital.

The two survivors told Kenyans that Covid-19 is a serious disease but it is manageable. Brenda was the first person to test positive for Coronavirus.

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