Kitale traders find alternative selling spots after county government closure of markets

Allan Kiduda, a trader in Kitale at his new stall.

A day after Trans Nzoia county government moved traders out of Chanuka Market in Kitale, in a bid to enforce social distancing, a number of them have identified alternative places to sale their products.

To find out how some of them are coping with these economic predicament, News 9 Kenya visited Allan Kaduda’s new stall.

Mr. Kiduda, a farm produce dealer at Chanuka Market, explained that he could not wait any longer yet he has a family to fend for and he does not want to incur losses.

“I am a bread winner in my family so I cannot just home and wait. I have to look for ways to ensure my family does not sleep hungry. I am also doing this to reduce losses,” said Mr. Kiduda.

The trader has set up a stall outside his house selling cereals and groceries, which he says is still booming.

Mr.Kiduda's products at his new stall. Image|Courtesy

“I decided to erect this stall here and continue with my business, as it is my only source of income. I started on Monday and so far things are not bad, but the sales cannot be compared to when I was operating from the market,” he added.

He added that the curfew imposed by the government also hinders his sales as customers tend to appear at around evening hours.

“The situation is not the same here as it was in town where we had customers from everywhere,” said Mr. Allan

As many Kenyans come to terms with the impact of coronavirus, with the Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe on Monday projecting even a large number of cases by end of April means, the public should brace themselves for the tough times ahead.

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