WCB producer Ayo Lizer tests positive for Coronavirus

After Diamond Platinumz’s manager Sallam SK tested positive for Coronavirus, his producer Iraju Hamisi Mjege famously known as Lizer is the second WCB employee to contract the virus.

According to Diamond, Lizer’s close association and frequent contact with Sallam could have exposed the talented producer to Covid-19.

The WCB CEO asked the health officer who visited them how long Lizer will take to recover. The officer in response explained that tests have to be conducted in the forthcoming two weeks to establish whether the virus will have left the producer’s body.

 Sallam, Diamond, and other WCBD members had travelled to Europe for the artist’s tour that was later cancelled. Sallam’s positive test results called for a compulsory self-quarantine for the team to prevent spreading the virus.



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