Steps to Embed YouTube video to your website using your android phone

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Ever wondered how you can embed a YouTube video to your blog or website from your phone, without having to use your personal computer?

Sometimes you may want your readers to see a video that has just drawn your attention, yet you are not in a position to access your PC. Well, worry not because your phone can simply do that.

News 9 Kenya takes you through a number of steps you need to undertake;

Open your phone, then tap on the menu icon to access the applications lists.

Once there, select your favourite browser to connect to the internet –we recommend using Google Chrome –making sure that your internet connection is available.

Go to google search and browse; YouTube interface will appear, with the default mobile version of the site, which can only allow you to share the video.

Search for the video you are looking for, in the YouTube search box, and an interface of the video versions will appear.

Go to the menu icon (with three vertical dots) at the top-right corner of the interface –a drop-down menu will appear –tap the request desktop site option.

On the open desktop mode, tap the desired video you wish to embed on your website.

As the video starts streaming, tap the share button at the bottom of the stream; several options will appear; tap the embed option.

A code will generate in a rectangular box bellow the stream; if not highlighted, highlight and copy.

Go to your website management system, paste the generated code and hit the save button for your readers to see it.

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