Confidential info from Wuhan institute of technology reveals the source of Coronavirus

Director of Wuhan Virus Research Institute Wang Ya

Confidential information from Chinese Wuhan institute of virology has revealed the source of Coronavirus, that has killed at least 1,700 people.

Chinese blogger (link in Chinese) Jennifer Zeng twits (@jenniferatntd), in a twit which has since been deleted, that

“Wang Yanyi, director of Wuhan Institute of Virology, issued a notice to researchers on Jan. 2, to pass on message of telephone conference by China's Nation Health Commission, forbidding anyone to release info the #COVID19”

Linking to her blog, we were able to extract the story that showed how Wang Ying and her husband Shu Hongbing revealed that Coronavirus was artificially made.

Zeng writes that, “Wang Yanyi send an e-mail requested that the disclosure of research information related to the unexplained pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan be strictly prohibited, and emphasized that this was a request made by the National Health and Medical Commission.” (translated to English).

This raises intriguing question about the virus and its outbreak.

The blog post continues to read,

From the screenshot, the email was sent on January 2, 2020 at 10:28 am, entitled "[Important Reminder] Notice on Prohibiting the Disclosure of Information Related to Unexplained Pneumonia in Wuhan", the main content has three points : 1. Unknown cause of pneumonia has caused social panic; 2. Related research work of the Virus Research Institute is underway; 3. The National Health Commission requires that disclosure of any relevant information to the media, self-media, social media, and cooperating technology companies is strictly prohibited Information on this pneumonia epidemic.

The post said that if the e-mail is true, it means that the National Health and Medical Commission issued internal instructions on the pneumonia epidemic before January 2 and requested that it should not be announced to the outside world to avoid causing panic.

(Network screenshot)

According to the article, foreign scientists researching on the virus have discovered that coronavirus was likely generated artificially.

The article also reveals, At noon on February 4, Xu Bo, the chairman of TOENET, posted a long post on Weibo, and announced in high profile that he had reported a real virus in the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for allegedly leaking a virus that caused an outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2019.

The Global community is raising concern over the virus outbreak, even as the Chinese government warn that it might spread further.

More 70,000 cases of Coronavirus have been reported, with nations struggling to evacuate their citizens.

On Monday, the US flew home its citizens from a coronavirus-infected cruise ship in Japan.





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