Data Privacy Day: How to keep your social media account secure

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Social networks have become a part and parcel of life. Almost every person across the world owns a social media account. It is estimated the 99 percent of elite people use social media accounts to display their personal feelings and information.

However, increasing cases of cyber-crime pose a threat to many social media account holders. Private information security has been jeopardized through social media accounts.

People lose their lives, properties and loved one through social media accounts whose information has been jeopardized. Some with bad intentions like hackers end up accessing a person’s information via a social media account, thus hurting the owner in one way or the other.

Although social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram among others have been on the radar to keep their customers safe, it is advised that users should practice caution while handling their social account.

Today being a world data privacy day, News 9 Kenya takes you through some of the steps a user should undertake cautiously to ensure that their social network account is secure and safe –free from cyber-attack.


As a social network user, ensure that once you have locked in into your account, do not forget to log out once you are through with your social activities. If you leave your account logged on elsewhere online, then your account may be less secure.

Always ensure that the password you are using is a ‘strong password’, to protect your account and your social network friends.

For a stronger password set, ensure that you choose a password that you don't use anywhere else online, make it easy for your remembrance and difficult for others to guess and avoid sharing it with your friends.


Social network alerts will keep you aware of what is going on your account. Using the alerts, you are able to know if someone logs into your account without your knowledge, the device that was used and the location.

Notifications are sent via the social account inbox, for instance Facebook will post on the notification page, send you a message via messenger or email you via the registered email.

Phone notification

Phone notification is also a way to ensure that the password you are using to log into a social media account is secure. While setting you password, ensure that you include mobile number to receive notification for password change or reset code. If a person tries to change your social media account password, a reset code will only be send to your mobile number and the hacker won’t be able to proceed to the next step.

Data Privacy Day is an international event that is commemorated every year on January 28, with a sole purpose of raising awareness, promoting privacy and data protection best practices.


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