Online trends: What Kenyans searched for this week

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This being the second week in the month of December, 50th week of the year, Kenyans took to the internet searching for different topics.

With a number of topics sparking up the week on Monday, you could be wrong to imagine that netizens went for Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

But according to google trends, those who searched for Sonko on Monday are way below other topics that were trending.

News 9 Team did a quick search from google trends per day starting Monday to Friday and here are th top trends that Kenyans looked for throughout the week.

On Monday, the leading search topic was West Ham vs Arsenal, with 100K+ searches, followed by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his case at the Anti- Corruption Court, with 20K+ searches.

Tuesday –was all about football where netizens went on the internet to look for Champions league clash between Inter Milan and Barcelona, which recorded a total of 50K+ searches.

Wednesday was still a football day among the netizens, with great attention shifting to a match between Manchester United and AZ Alkmaar in the Europa league clashes on Thursday, with the searches counting 50K+

On Thursday, Kenya Independence Day –Jamhuri day was the most searched on the intrnet with a total of 100K+ searches.

Friday still remained a football, owing to Arsenal, Manchester United matches at the Europa league, with the UK Elections also taking lead.

The match between Standard liège and Arsenal took the lead with 20K+ searches, with the UK elections recording 10K+ searches.

According to these data, football took the lead as top trending topic among the netizens.

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