TSC, Education ministry should engage teachers for a better 2020 academic calendar, says Wilson Sossion

CS Magoha and Knut SG Wilson Sossion. Image|Courte

Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Wilson Sossion has urged the Teachers Services Commission (TSC) and the ministry of education to engage teachers for a better 2020 academic calendar.

Speaking in Mombasa during the annual Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association, Sossion said he will continue clinging on the global platform of campaigning for quality public education.

The SG also called on the ministry to look into the mushrooming of private schools in the country, saying they destroy quality of education to public institution.

“I hope Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha and TSC will engage all of us so that we can work better in 2020. I sit on the global platform of campaigning for quality public education and fighting privatization, we must unite for quality education there’s no other option,” said Sossion.

He said that the union is not at any war with government, citing past stance on the teachers training to undertake the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

“It is not political for us to ask for proper training for everyone from head teachers to class room teachers so that we can deliver. You must also be given quality teaching and learning tools because it is a completely different curriculum. Interpreting CBC designs and teaching, you must capacity-build teachers, it must be intensive preparation so that we can deliver well,” he said

Mr. Sossion added that the greatest challenge in the education sector at the moment is privatization, urging head teachers to stand firm and defend public schools.

“Our biggest disease is privatization, mushrooming all over and even some of the investors are putting up poor schools next to every primary school to destroy our institutions. We must defend our public schools and we have the capacity to do it,”

The 15th annual delegates’ conference held at the Kenya School of Revenue Administration saw more than 7,500 head teachers attend.

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